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Why Informed Sport is a Game Changer for Athletes

Hey there, sports fans and fitness freaks! Have you ever heard of Informed Sport? If not, let me break it down for you – no fancy jargon, just real talk. Picture this: You’re an athlete, constantly pushing your limits, and you want to make sure every supplement you gulp down is doing you good, not landing you in hot water. That’s where Informed Sport swings into the picture. It’s like a superhero for your supplements, ensuring they’re clean, safe, and free from those pesky banned substances.

Now, you might be thinking, “Cool story, but why should I care?” Here’s the deal – competing athletes are like high-performance cars; they need the best fuel. But with so many supplements out there, it’s like walking through a minefield blindfolded. Informed Sport is that friend who takes off the blindfold and says, “I got you.” They test everything – and I mean everything – to ensure you’re taking what it says on the tin—no nasty surprises.

And guess what? Some big names in the supplement world are on this bandwagon. Companies like Myprotein, Optimum Nutrition, you name them, they’re getting their stuff checked and double-checked. Why? Because they care about quality and your trust.

So, let’s dive into why Informed Sport is a big deal and how it’s keeping your game clean and your mind at ease. And hey, stick around for the scoop on some Zinzino products that are rocking this label. Spoiler alert: if you’re into omega-3s, you’re going to wanna hear this!

chronic low-grade inflammation

Key points about Informed Sport:

1. Quality Assurance for Athletes: It offers a quality assurance program for sports nutrition products, suppliers, and manufacturing facilities.

2. Testing for Banned Substances: The program tests for a wide array of substances that sports organizations ban. This includes testing both the raw ingredients and the final products.

3. Batch Testing: Every product batch that carries the Informed Sport logo has been tested for banned substances.

4. Global Recognition: Informed Sport is recognized globally, providing assurance to athletes around the world.

5. Trusted by Sports Bodies: It is often used and recommended by various sports bodies and professional athletes to ensure that the supplements they consume do not inadvertently contain banned substances.

6. Avoiding Contamination: The rigorous testing also helps in avoiding cross-contamination during the manufacturing process, which can be a concern in the supplement industry.

7. Accessible Database: Athletes and consumers can check the Informed Sport website for a list of certified products, making it easier to make informed decisions about supplement use.

8. Voluntary Participation by Manufacturers: Participation in the program is voluntary for supplement manufacturers, and it involves a detailed audit and regular testing.

Why Informed Sport Rocks for Athletes

In sports, staying on top of your game isn’t just about training hard – it’s also about what fuels your body. Think of Informed Sport as a guardian angel for your supplements. This program isn’t just about testing a few samples here and there. No, sir! They test every batch of products from certified companies. We’re talking about a level of scrutiny that would make a detective proud.

But here’s the kicker: only some supplements on the shelf are Informed Sport certified. Only those that pass rigorous testing make the cut. It’s like having a VIP pass in the world of supplements, and that’s a big deal for athletes. You want to avoid risking your career on something that hasn’t been vetted, right?

Informed Sport: The Watchdog of Sports Supplements

Informed Sport acts as a global guardian in the sports supplement industry. This program, powered by LGC, a world-renowned sports doping control and research supplement testing lab, ensures the safety and integrity of sports nutrition products.

Informed Sport laboratory

LGC: The Powerhouse Behind the Scenes

LGC originally stood for “Laboratory of the Government Chemist.” It began as a government laboratory in the UK, responsible for resolving scientific disputes, particularly in trade and regulatory compliance. Over the years, LGC has evolved and expanded its scope, becoming a leading international life sciences measurement and testing company. It now operates in various scientific areas, including drug development, forensic analysis, and, notably, anti-doping and supplement testing as part of the Informed Sport certification program.

LGC has over 55 years of experience in regulatory analysis, specializing in anti-doping and supplement analysis. This experience is backed by over 400 published scientific papers and extensive research into doping control. For more than 15 years, LGC has been testing supplements and ingredients for respected manufacturers, examining tens of thousands of samples, and conducting research studies. These studies often explore the prevalence of prohibited substance contamination within supplement products. One key finding is that even microgram quantities of a prohibited substance can lead to a positive doping violation.

Evolving Challenges in Anti-Doping

The anti-doping field is dynamic, with new threats emerging that continually challenge the supplement industry and the anti-doping community. LGC responds to these challenges by continuously developing and evolving its screening methodology. This involves ongoing method development and research programs conducted in their specialist supplement testing labs in the UK and the US.

LGC routinely screens supplement products for over 250 compounds considered prohibited in sports or harmful to health. This includes substances such as drugs of abuse, anabolic agents, stimulants, beta-2 agonists, diuretics, and newly emerging threats.

Rigorous Testing Standards

The test methods used by LGC for analyzing supplement products and ingredients are accredited to ISO 17025, a globally recognized standard relating to laboratories and test procedures. This accreditation, held by LGC since 2003, is granted by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) in the UK and the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) in the US. Achieving this accreditation involves using state-of-the-art supplement testing labs and conducting extensive validation analysis.

Comprehensive Banned Substance Testing

Informed Sport tests sports supplements for a variety of banned substances. This includes substances listed on the WADA Prohibited List and lists for, e.g., AFL, NRL, NFL, NCAA, UFC, and MLB. Each year, LGC tests over 22,000 samples for over 250 substances that are not allowed in sports or considered a risk of supplement contamination.

The screening procedures target compounds such as anabolic agents, stimulants, narcotics, beta-2 agonists, and diuretics, as well as new and evolving threats.

zinzino balance oil

Zinzino: Crafting Wellness Masterpieces

Hey, have you heard about Zinzino? These guys are like the secret sauce in the wellness world. They’re not just throwing ingredients together; they’re crafting supplements that are seriously backed by science. It’s not just talk – they’re walking the walk, especially with that Informed Sport stamp of approval.

The Zinzino Lineup: More Than Just Pills and Powders

Zinzino Balance Oil: Imagine your body as a high-performance engine, and this liquid omega-3 fish oil is like the premium fuel it needs. It’s all about getting those omega-3s in the sweet spot, perfect for keeping your heart ticking and joints dancing smoothly. 

Zinzino Essent+: This one’s like your body’s personal bodyguard, packed with pure omega-3 fish oil, vitamins, and minerals. It’s all about keeping your energy high and your immune system ready to rumble.

Zinzino Extend: Here’s the deal – when you push your limits, Extend’s got your back. It’s like a turbo boost for your muscles, helping you recover faster and feel like a champ.

Zinzino Protect+: Think of it as your immune system’s best friend. It is filled with everything you need to stay healthy and prepared to face any challenge.

Zinzino Zinobiotic: Gut health – it’s a big deal, right? Zinobiotic gets it. It’s like a spa day for your gut, keeping things balanced and happy.

Zinzino LeanShake: For those looking to shake up their diet without missing out on the good stuff, LeanShake is your go-to. It’s not just a shake; it’s a full-on nutrient party in a glass.

Every sip, every capsule from Zinzino is like a promise that you’re getting the best, with no nasty surprises. Because when it comes to your body, you don’t want to mess around, and neither does Zinzino.

Zinzino Balance Oil: Pure Omega-3 Fish Oil

This premium blend of liquid omega-3 fish oil is a cornerstone product. Sourced for purity and efficacy, Zinzino Balance Oil aims to optimize the body’s omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio. This is very important to reduce chronic low-grade inflammation, a state of metabolic disturbance present in most people.

The health benefits range from supporting cardiovascular health to improving joint function and promoting overall well-being. Please read all about it here.

zinzino balanceoil+

Zinzino Balance Oil is distinguished from other fish oils primarily due to its focus on balancing the body’s omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio. This balance is crucial for maintaining optimal health, and Zinzino’s formulation is specifically designed to achieve it. 

The oil is a blend of high-grade fish oil, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, combined with olive oil and vitamin D, which provides additional health benefits and improves stability. 

A top-quality VEGAN version is also available.

The unique aspect of Zinzino Balance Oil lies in its scientific approach to ensure that the body’s fatty acids achieve an optimal balance, which is not a typical focus of standard fish oil supplements. This specific targeting of the omega-6/omega-3 ratio, backed by scientific research and testing, is what sets Zinzino Balance Oil apart as a superior choice in the realm of fish oil supplements.

Essent+ Premium

Hey, let’s dive into what makes Essent+ Premium the real MVP. 

Picture this: top-notch pure omega-3 fish oil and extra-potent R.E.V.O.O. olive oil (Revolutionary Extra Virgin Olive Oil) joining forces. It’s like a dynamic duo for your health. This blend isn’t just throwing Omega-3s at you; it’s a science-backed party. Olive oil steps up with its polyphenols and Omega-9, giving those Omega-3s a major boost in stability. It’s like having a personal bodyguard for those Omega-3s, keeping them fresh as they journey through your body.

R.E.V.O.O. is the game-changer in the olive oil scene. It’s not your average oil; it’s crafted from the elite Koroneiki olives. What makes it unique? It’s jam-packed with phenolic compounds – think 30 times more than your standard olive oils. We’re also talking about a treasure trove of other wellness goodies like maslinic acid, squalene, and vitamin E. 

These olives come from organic trees, natural fighters brimming with health-boosting phytoalexins. And get this: R.E.V.O.O.’s pressing process is top-notch, capturing all these amazing nutrients at sky-high levels that regular methods just can’t match. It’s like the super-olive oil your body’s been waiting for!

zinzino essent+

And here’s the cool part: the polyphenols in R.E.V.O.O. are like the secret agents. They’re sneaky good at escorting Omega-3s right to your cell membranes, safely and soundly. This tag-team action means your body gets to soak up the Omega-3s efficiently, maintaining levels that keep you in the sweet spot of that Omega-6:3 balance. We’re talking about hitting below 3:1, which is like scoring the winning goal for your health.

Zinzino Extend

Xtend is your go-to for filling those nutritional gaps and giving your immune system some love. It’s a powerhouse of nutrients, loaded with 23 essential vitamins and minerals, all geared towards bolstering your immune health and keeping your bones and joints in top shape. 

Pair it with BalanceOil+ and ZinoBiotic+ for a full-circle approach to your wellness routine. It’s the ultimate supplement to keep your health in check!

Boost Your Energy Levels

Xtend is packed with B vitamins (B1-B12) and essential minerals like copper, magnesium, iodine, and manganese, all recognized for their role in enhancing energy metabolism.

Enhance Bone and Joint Health

Xtend is enriched with a blend of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin D, C, K, magnesium, manganese, and zinc, all known for supporting bone and muscle health.

Strengthen Your Immune System

Featuring 1-3 and 1-6 beta glucans from high-quality baker’s yeast, along with folic acid, iron, vitamin B6, and copper, Xtend is designed to bolster your immunity. It also includes carotenoids, xanthophylls, and a diverse range of polyphenols from fruits, spices, and vegetables. As confirmed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), its blend offers extensive health benefits, impacting cells, organs, and tissues. 

zinzino extend
zinzino protect+

Zinzino Protect+

Boost and Sustain Your Body’s Defenses

Maintain your health and support your immune system with this all-natural, vegan food supplement. This unique formula combines beta-glucans from baker’s yeast, vitamin C extracted from acerola berries, and vitamin D3 from wild-harvested lichen. It’s designed to safeguard your cells against oxidative stress and bolster your immune system’s normal functioning.

Understanding Our Dual Immune Systems

Our body relies on two immune systems: the innate and adaptive. The innate system acts as the first line of defense against infections, using ready-to-act cells and enzymes. On the other hand, the adaptive system has a memory component, enabling it to provide long-term protection against recurring infections. 

Vitamin D’s Role

Vitamin D, particularly D3 (cholecalciferol), is vital for immune responses. It’s synthesized in our skin through sunlight exposure and is found in certain foods. However, in regions with limited sunlight, supplements become essential. The vegan vitamin D3 in Protect+ comes from organic, GMO-free lichen.

Vitamin C’s Antioxidant Power

Our body’s oxidative stress fluctuates, increasing in certain situations like pollution exposure or intense exercise. Antioxidants, especially vitamin C found in Protect+, are crucial in neutralizing internal stress and protecting cells.

1-3, 1-6 Beta Glucans

These specialized beta-glucans in Protect+ are derived from baker’s yeast, enhancing the innate immune system’s effectiveness. Though found in certain foods, their intake in modern diets is limited, making supplements a valuable source.

Zinzino Zinobiotic

Revitalize Your Gut Balance

Rebalance your digestive health with our unique mix of eight natural dietary fibers in ZinoBiotic. This blend fosters the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and supports regular bowel movements. Additionally, it helps stabilize blood sugar levels post-meals and aids in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

Please read all about it in our article: Zinzino Zinobiotic: 8 natural dietary fiber blend

zinzino leanshake

Zinzino LeanShake

Keep Your Health Goals on Track

Stay active and manage your weight effectively with our nutritious meal replacement shakes. Designed to help you build muscle and support gut health, these shakes are an ideal on-the-go solution. They’re packed with essential proteins, dietary fibers, and 25 varied vitamins and minerals. LeanShake is a tasty choice for any palate, available in a range of delicious natural flavors.

Optimal Blend for Maximum Results 

LeanShake is expertly crafted with the finest proteins, fibers, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to support weight loss and athletic performance.

Weight Management

Designed as a meal substitute, LeanShake is perfect for weight loss or maintenance. It’s a nutrient-rich meal with high-quality proteins, five types of dietary fibers, various fatty acids, and 25 different vitamins and minerals, providing all essential nutrients with fewer calories than a typical meal.

Muscle Growth

LeanShake’s premium proteins aid in muscle mass growth during training. It also includes minerals and vitamins that promote optimal muscle function and can be used as a pre- or post-exercise meal.

Gut Health

Containing the same dietary fibers as ZinoBiotic, LeanShake promotes beneficial bacteria growth throughout the colon. These fibers nourish the good bacteria, crucial for digesting foods, vitamin production, and immune system support, thus ensuring a healthy gut for overall well-being.

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In conclusion, the Informed Sport certification represents a gold standard in ensuring the purity and safety of sports nutrition products, a critical factor for athletes and health-conscious individuals. Zinzino, with its range of high-quality supplements like Balance Oil, Essent+, Extend, Protect+, Zinobiotic, and LeanShake, demonstrates a commitment to this standard.

Each scientifically formulated and rigorously tested product offers targeted health benefits, from enhancing immune function and gut health to supporting muscle growth and weight management. By choosing supplements like those from Zinzino, which bear the Informed Sport seal, individuals can confidently pursue their health and fitness goals, assured of product integrity and safety.